Ethereum Clothing is about finding a way to promote cryptocurrencies through culture and art. A t-shirt is a form of decentralized grass roots marketing. Say you walk into an event wearing an Ethereum t-shirt. People ask you about the symbol. Other crypto nerds reach out for a chat. Ethereum t-shirts can inspire conversations. Crypto t-shirts means new friends, new connections and more investors into the technology.

Though Ethereum is our main interest, we support the full ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. It’s this type of technology that will bring about real freedom. Crypto technology competes with the status quo. We can vote, protest or complain about the federal reserve. We could write blogs and make facebook rants about the wall street bankers. Instead though, we choose to help build the alternative. Show how technology can help solve these problems. Ethereum Clothing is way for us to live out a philosophical idea through entrepreneurship.

Ethereum is a platform for blockchain applications, known as smart contracts. Imagine Ethereum as IOS where smart contracts are the apps.

Agora! Anarchy! Action!